Who throws out perfectly good beer??

Posted 1/17

Do you know anyone who throws out perfectly good beer??
Well that’s what someone is doing here.
Yesterday, just a few, but interesting, “New Belgium Fat Tire amber ale” and something called “Red Stripe”, Jamaican style lager. I wonder what that means, does it have some ganja in it??
Today, 11 bottles of Stella Artois – good stuff, imported from Belgium. Guess who’ll be sucking down some suds for the next few days?
Also a 14 oz package of dark chocolate covered espresso beans, from Trader Joe’s, not even opened!

Once again, in a full heavy bag!
• last of a bag of sriracha potato chips – yummy! about ‘medium’ hot.
• Pork and veggie pot stickers – about a third of a big bag, it comes w/ some sauce – glorified soy sauce – w/ some vinegar, molasses, ginger and garlic.
• Pumpkin ice cream, about 1/2 full. Thanksgiving’s over, I guess this is not on the menu anymore? well, it’s on mine, now.
• 4 perfectly good oranges

My life is really routine, which might seem dull to many…
but this routine is just fine: I go to the Safeway, spend 10$, and find at least that much waiting for me in the dumpster.

• Totinos Party pizza – 10 oz, 9″ diameter – unopened, still frozen.
• Oscar Meyer bacon, center cut, 12 oz. – unopened.
• “Burrito GRANDE!” (and ‘hot’) …from 7-11, but so what? I’ll add some cheese and beans.
• whole wheat bread – 1/2 a loaf, frozen, still good.
• Celery, half a bunch, still crunchy. Healthy stuff, sucks up a lot of water to grow, what a waste.
* 1 slice pizza, with lots of extras, crust still pliable = still good.
(I just do NOT get why anyone would toss out perfectly good pizza!)
• 1 corn dog, and 1 buttermilk biscuit. I’ll add some of the jellies and jams i have found to this, a good morning snack at work.

Lunch for the next week is a done deal!!

Rest of the month was odds and ends…..
Celery! People seem to throw out the whole bunch when breaking off the outside stalks that are gettin’ a little raunchy would be just fine – the heart is the best part anyway.
Several more small frozen burritos, nothing special, but add some cheese and more  beans to top it off, that’s lunch.
One really nice discovery – half a 12″ pizza. I’ve written before, no one tosses out pizza, at least not many.
This half pizza is from a place i haven’t heard of, a small chain, this restaurant in Mill Valley. The test for pizza is: how tough is the crust? If it’s like a board, leave it in the trash. This pizza’s crust is still quite moist, it’s got lots of toppings. When i snarf down the first slice, the crust is absolutely excellent! Chewy, like bread. But I can see why someone may have tossed this out – it has decent amount of crushed red pepper. My taste in heat is ‘medium’, maybe a bit more, that’s about where this one falls. For some people that is too much, Their loss is my gain.

Somewhere along the way, the last few weeks:

• A 2lb box of Johnsonville Pork patties for grilling. I don’t have a grill, i’ll just pretend it’s sausage, good for breakfast and dinner.
• Several packages of sliced cheese, absolutely nuthin’ wrong with it.
• Also a pack of Johnsonville smoked sausages, hot dog size – 4 of 5 left.
• The last of a bag of corn flour tortillas, just 3. This happened at very opportune time, i was planning on making corn chowder on a Saturday, the next day. But i was out of flour. So the might before, i slowly simmered the the tortillas in soup stock. It kinda turned them partially back into flour. Really creative, hunh?

Here’s something you can do to make your voice heard in some small way:


“Petition to change your world”

E-Waste is a huge problem, it’s full of highly toxic metals.

Here’s the format they use to present their ideas:

Target: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
Goal: Don’t implement new headphones in all future electronic devices that will create electronic waste and cost customers even more money.


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