Not as good as last month, but OK

 Posted 7/6



A few days ago, i found just a few odds and ends – an unfinished pack of strawberries, and a similarly unfinished pack of flatbread crackers. Oh, and a Kraft Macaroni & cheese box.

I always give everything the ‘smell test’ – it hasn’t failed me yet, the strawberries look old, but they are fine. Actually finally ripe since most produce is picked before it’s ripe in hopes that it will ripen in transit. We’re talking about green bananas, ya know?
It’s funny how the cosmos takes care of me sometimes – flatbread crackers are pretty boring… so what did i find today? A 1lb container of a ‘greek mix’ = black and green olives.. and many little cudes of feta cheese -purr-fect for the crackers! (best by date? July 15 2015)

And one more thing? A sponge mop, for cleaning that linoleum kitchen or bathroom floor while standing upright. I’ve been using an old funky towel, and getting down on my knees for years. That’s over for a good while, methinks.

Last thing was a zip-lock bag w/ 1/2 dozen pineapple slices… once again, still perfectly good.
Somewhere along the line, i found a 5 lb bag of baby carrots. mostly full.
I froze most of it in smaller portions… but i found out that they have no ‘crunch’ when thawed out. Nevermind. They’re still tasty and nutritious, call them ‘halfway between carrots and carrot juice’. They are also good for the digestion, stomach soothing. They’ll make good soup.

I am still working on many items i froze: Broccoli florets, brussels sprouts, sausages, onions, bread, condiments and salsas.

I have finished the sliced bread, but still have many Indian flatbreads to go.

I put off posting ’til after July 4 weekend, thinking that frivolous holidays might lead to frivolous cooking and/or BBQ’s! No such luck. File that right next to ‘i never find any left-over pizza in pizza boxes!’ – no one throws out pizza.

A few good links this month:–abc-news-Recipes.html

I subscribe to the Atlantic Monthly – this month’s issue (July/August 2015) had a very interesting article titled ‘kicking the can – the future of trash, and how we’ll produce less of it.’

there’s also this story on their website:


 The town of Guiyu in the economic powerhouse of Guangdong province has long been known as one of the world’s largest electronic waste dump sites.

At its peak, some 5,000 workshops in the village recycle 15,000 tonnes of waste daily including hard drives, mobile phones and computers shipped in from across the world.


This one’s not about food, but it pertains to the whole issue of ‘what are our values?’, which sorta pertains to this blog.

I moved out to Ca. from the east coast 24+years ago, with just what I could fit in a Subaru hatchback. Quite a change up from a 3 story single family home i lived in before that last divorce.
Now after 24 years, my 400+ sq. ft. apt. has a lot more stuff, but plenty of open space. Most of the accumulation? …has been photo prints, good stuff, my life’s work. I think I’ve been doing the small happy life for quite a while.



Posted 7/6


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