Here we go again….

Posted – 5/31

……Another very good month!


Whole wheat bread, 1/2 loaf

Broc. Florets, 12 oz, frozen, unopened

Whole wheat and corn flour tortillas – 4 left

Baby spinach – 1/2 a 6 oz pack

Vanilla almond granola bars, 5 of ’em.

ALL of the above is Trader Joe’s brand. TJ’s is the *hip, cool* place to shop in Marin. How come it’s shoppers are so wasteful?


Trader Joe’s Basil Pesto, 6.7 oz jar – dated 9/12/2016, 1/4 full.

A box of Rice-a-roni – spanish style, totally unopened.

A 32 fl oz jar of Trader Joe’s Mayo, unsweetened, egg-less, reduced fat. I am wondering what egg-less mayo will taste like…? sounds like an oxymoron to me… PS – it sucks!

A bag of brown sugar, a lil’ bit hardened, but so what? probably at least half a pound.

A bag of white flour. I don’t know how to cook with this, but i can use it to thicken soups it’s probably at least 1 lb, consider my soups thickened for the next…oooh… year or so.

3 lil’ bagged servings of quaker oatmeal for breakfast.

I live in California, where we are ‘sposed to get ‘the big one'(earthquake) sometime soon. I have several shelves devoted to earthquake supplies – stuff that can be made easily, is nutritious. That’s where these go. In fact, many of the ‘dry goods’ I find go onto the ‘earthquake supplies’ shelf.


Mo’ good stuff:

Almond Butter, 16 oz, 2/3 full

Quince apple jelly – a small jar, looks like it was made from scratch, no label, just handwriting on the cap.

A designer ketchup “June Taylor”, never heard of her, two bottles, mostly finished. But the bottle is always half full, and not half empty, isn’t it?

Salsa, 16 oz about half full. Into the freezer – i already have some salsa i am working on.

‘Olive Press’ Artichoke Lemon Tapande – it’s an oily sauce, will perk up any of a number of things.

Sun dried Tomatoes in oil, 7 oz, mostly full.

Lemon Hummus, 8 oz, unopened.

None of this batch is from Safeway, it’s all upscale Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods stuff.

And two sticks of *real* butter. I’m a cheapskate, i usually get margarine of some sort.

So… real butter is a treat!


Once again my neighbors are (once again) giving me my daily bread:

White Buttermilk bread, 5 slices. Fry that up in the AM in bacon fat, little bit of butter, sounds good to me.

An almost full bag of extra thick golden pita bread (12 slices, 11 left – why is this in the trash? I mean it’s not exciting, but bread can be just the beginning of… something else! 

People, get creative!


It’s the ‘all in one bag’ thing again, one wasteful household:

Dry salami, 5 oz, bout half full. Yummy!

Orowheat Whole wheat bread, 2/3 loaf.

4 oranges

container of deviled egg potato salad 1 lb, 1/2 full

2 sausage, label is gone, just the bag, which tells me it’s Aidells ( they put a cardboard wrap on the bag, which gets torn off to open it.), which are good!

Jar of dill pickles, 3 left. which is 3 more pickles than i usually have in my frig.

3 soft taco tortillas – well within bag sell by date.

5/10 Sunday

Went out for cigarettes, stopped by the liquor store for some sake, didn’t walk to Safeway where it’s a bit cheaper, didn’t feel like walking that far.

What did i find in the dumpster? More than enough to cover the extra few $ spent on the sake!

2 burgers, frozen

French fried potatoes, and O’Brien potatoes, one unopened, the other mostly full.

2 containers of black pepper – one small, one huge.

9 oz bottle of garlic powder.

1 Pt extra virgin olive oil, mostly full.

Bottle of seasoned salt, 9 oz.

a microwaveable bag of brown rice, maybe 8 oz.

By my count, that’s almost 20$ worth. Didn’t worry about the few extra $ spent on the sake anymore.


Once again, all in one bag:

1 mesh bag full of yellow onions, *many* of them, i can only use perhaps 2, so i take them. Big as softballs! Onion soup in the making…! Onions freeze just fine, wrap ’em in plastic wrap.

Another half loaf of wheat/grain bread – straight to the freezer, but i re-wrap it in 4 slice portions, so i can thaw what i want for a couple of days, one at a time.

A 1 lb container of strawberries – some of them are rotted but half are just fine. Yummy! w/ breakfast! ( is the glass half empty or is it half full??)

A container of what looks to be pasta in tomato sauce, perhaps a lb. On further inspection, it’s not just pasta, but several thinly sliced breaded veal cutlets, something i could never cook myself.

There’s a little pasta on the bottom.


A couple of bottles of Smirnoff’s vodka, a little left – i don’t go for the flavored vodkas much, but once again ‘the price is right’.

Ken’s Ceasar salad dressing, a whole bottle, unopened.

A 6 oz box of pork coating mix – mostly just wheat and a few seasonings.

These ‘products’ are a rip off – there’s very little in them (some wheat, some seasoning, not a whole lot else.) But it might make a good ‘thickener’ for soups.

2 9oz packs of lasagna noodles, You are supposed to use these in a specified way, in layers, with fillings in between. But rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? I’ll just use them as i would any pasta – boil and smother in butter and parmesan cheese.

A few “Sutter Home” mini bottles of wine.

Perfect to stuff in my briefcase, drink at the bus stop on the way home, waiting…

Sunflower seeds – 5 oz. A good snack, high in many nutrients.

A couple of really ‘mini’ minis – tequila, & brazil raspberry rum.

Toss ’em in the briefcase, down them at the bus stop on the way home, too. The really hard bus seats won’t seem so hard anymo’.

I guess i am going to have a *good time* at the bus stop, going home, aren’t i ??


I seem to have a great sixth sense of which bags have something i would like in them. I don’t ‘dive’ very deep, i just skim the surface Today, a 10oz container of Sabara Hummus – w/ spinach and artichokes, 2/3 full, well within dates. Someone doesn’t like spinach? Or artichokes? Puh-leeze!

And a box of Belvita soft baked breakfast bars, 8.8 oz, maybe 2 are gone. The rest of the box has 2 of those ‘cracker sandwiches’ – you know, quick snack kinda things, crackers with cheese (or some semblance of it) in between.


All in one bag:

Single serving Velveeta shells and cheese

Small packet of Knorr’s Tamarind soup mix

Campbell’s Tomato soup, 1 can

11 oz Folgers classic roast coffee

Small can albacore tuna

Big bottle of honey roasted peanuts (16oz)

12 oz of lasagna Pasta – unopened

A mostly full box of pancake & waffle mix – convenience factor? ‘real good’ – doesn’t require eggs or milk 🙂

Box of Celestial Seasonings ‘Sleepy time’ tea bags – started w/ 20, 7 left.



I read an article in the SF Chronicle about this organization – when i went to find the web story so i could add a link, i found i needed (and you would too) to sub$cribe to read. To hell with that, here’s the link/organization:

I am still searching for anything being written about WHY americans toss out so much stuff.

Why are we so wasteful? I just don’t get it.

I was raised by parents (both born in 1917) who experienced the great depression as children… and later, WWII. My mom was the daughter of a Cunard (it was bought by American Express long ago) Shipping lines captain who died after falling ill going thru the Panama canal when she was a child, the family was tossed from the ‘well to do’ into poverty. She knew how to pinch pennies until they squealed and begged for mercy. Many summer evenings, i remember them blanching and freezing what we picked from the garden that afternoon, we would enjoy all thru the winter. The front yard was for football and baseball… the back yard? was for growin’, and eatin’.

And we weren’t poor by any means – my dad owned and managed a Chevy dealership, we lived on one of the nicest streets in town.

I guess many people these days are too used to having too much too available too easily, and think ‘easy come, easy go’.

Besides all the food i have mentioned in many posts, i also have a great collection of shirts and T-shirts, many styles, colors. 

A nice area rug (about 6×9 ft.) with with native american icons woven in, like antelope(?) and other 4 legged critters, in a soft medium green background, a triangular pattern in alternating red yellow and green strips around the perimeter. 

A potted palm plant of some kind – i gave it a new home, it thrives, and breaks the monotony of square windows w/ thin wavy leaves. It’s roots are growing out side the bottom, seeking water. It is happy here.

A small but most elegant less than waist high table (maybe 6×6″ at the top) made w/ very light metal – with ornamental leafy flourishes, it supports simply a box of memorabilia ( shells and rocks from the beach) and a tray(middle eastern, very nicely engraved) with all the coins i have been given as ‘change’ in California – in currencies worldwide.

I don’t mind losing a few cents, the collection is marvelously worth it, and makes one think… 

‘what is this (coin) worth? and what about that coin?’

What the fuck is anything worth? How do we measure ‘value’??

Way larger question than i can answer here.

I have come upon a few articles and a book that shed some light on the question of ‘what are we thinking, to throw so much away’.

I think of the root cellar in the house i grew up in Maine, and of my parents making us kids harvest the garden, and they par-boilled it all, and froze it.

A book available on Amazon:

The Ethics of Waste: How We Relate to Rubbish

By Gay Hawkins

This page should lead you to an equally lengthy preview about 30 + pages, plus footnotes.

All you have to do is click on the book icon/image, or the text link.

A LONG read, but well worth it.



“The Waste Makers” by Vance Packard


An exposé of “the systematic attempt of business to make us wasteful, debt-ridden, permanently discontented individuals,” The Waste Makers is Vance Packard’s pioneering 1960 work on how the rapid growth of disposable consumer goods was degrading the environmental, financial, and spiritual character of American society.

ISBN: 978-1-935439370


Two additional good links:

That’s it for this month, I’m sure I’ll be back next month with just as much.


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