Seems like it’s always a good month at my dumpsters!


All in one bag:

24 oz Safeway soups: Jambalya and Baked potato, both about a third full.

Best by date on one is 2/11, the other 3/22. Still perfectly good.

I’ll doctor up the baked potato soup, it’s mostly creamy, not many potatoes or bacon or cheese. So I added some more baked potato, fried up some bacon, chopped and sauteed a bit of onion, that was the ticket, it’s much better now 🙂

Potato salad, 16 oz., 1/3 full, dated? 2/21, just a few days ago.

And strawberries, a 16 oz pack, i/3 full. They look a little old, but there’s no mold anywhere. grown in drought-struck California – how much water did it take to grow these?

I chop ’em up and add them to vanilla yogurt, which i eat some of everyday to soothe a cranky stomach.

Also, half a dozen small mandarin oranges, they look a bit old, but they are still good. And they are also good for a stupid game of sorts ( food is food, but it can also offer some amusement. I try to peel the entire orange all in one piece, one pass, from top to bottom, while i am waiting for the bus. try it sometime, it’s fun.)


Found a 1lb 5 oz container of tomato bisque, ‘sell by: 3/2’, it’s 2/3rds full.

It passed the smell test, but when I gave it a taste test, i understood why it got tossed out. Tomato Bisque should be smooth, creamy, and *mild*. Someone had tried to spice this up, add some jalapeno type heat, and they went way, way overboard. My east coast taste buds have gone from mild to medium on the salsas, but this stuff is hot, with a capital H!

I will use it a wee bit at a time, as a *hot* salsa, it’s too much to eat as a soup, for me.


A 1 lb bag of baby cut carrotts – best if used by 12/13 2014. Still looks perfectly good – what’s the problem here??

A 7 oz container of  hummus dip – dated ‘use by 2-18-15’. Once again, what’s the problem here??

A 12 oz package of Aidell’s gourmet sausage, artichoke and garlic. Started w/ 4 sausages, now there’s two. One looks like it’s a bit discolored, very slightly, but with a date of May 2015?….. probably not an issue. They need to be cooked a bit, anyway.

One thing i see a lot of in the trash? Stuff that should be recycled, glass, plastic and paper. And the recycling cans are just a few feet away. C’mon people, recycle!! Haven’t you seen the many articles online about how much recyclable plastic ends up in the ocean?

3/10 – a perfectly good container of chinese carry-out satay style noodles.

Not even touched or opened. Someone is brain dead, this looks a little ‘old’, but it passes the smell test, and the taste test. I have lunch for the next few days, though i will add some seasoning – soy sauce & hot sauce, and stir fry veggies, it’ll be just fine. Using what you find as a starting point is always a good idea.


An unopened bag of white rice, 2 Lbs. not even opened. Grown in California. Rice sucks up a lot of water to grow, and we are having a drought, not a good time to waste water, or the products that thrive on it.

I picked up a *huge* bag of rice many months ago, been working on it ever since. With this new bag? I won’t have paid for rice in a very long time.

A 28 oz bag of Trader Joe’s organic popping corn, opened, but not much used.

I don’t hardly ever eat popcorn, but I will put it on a shelf that is ‘earthquake supplies’.

When *the big one* hits (in california), we’re gonna need a little nutritious entertainment, won’t we?

And it doesn’t have to be cooked per instructions, it’s just the raw/dehydrated corn kernel, isn’t it?

A while a go i found a rather nice shirt in the trash, it had a nice checkered pattern, the kind i like a lot.


I took it on upstairs, and upon further inspection, discovered why it was tossed out. One button was missing. *Just one fucking button*!


Which reminds me of this:

“For Want of a Nail” is a proverb, having numerous variations over several centuries, reminding that seemingly unimportant acts or omissions can have grave and unforeseen consequences.

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the message was lost.
For want of a message the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

I remember seeing my mom darn holes in socks, and sewing on buttons to replace those torn off – many good shirt makers add extra buttons at the bottom of the tails, so you can replace what has been lost, I think that’s  maybe one measure of a truly quality shirtmaker – extra buttons on the shirt-tails! There are none on this shirt.


I see furniture set out by the dumpsters, someone’s moving. A quick look at one bag on top? Eggs – a dozen carton w/ 8 left. Sell by date? 3/11. Sold!

A big bag of corn tortillas (the small kind, about as big as a typical pancake), 60 to start with, now less than that, but plenty, at least thirty. Sell by date is very old, six months ago, but these seem to be quite OK. While researching the the shelf life of the tortillas, i found this site:

Very useful and informative!

If you’d like to drop me a line, please do – use the form below. I know I’ve got a few followers out there, which is nice and rather unexpected – i do several blogs, it’s nice to know i am not pissing in to the wind, ya know?




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