January was a good month, too!

(Posted Feb 14, 2015)

I don’t think i will ever have a bad month, there’s just too many wasteful people out there!


– A 3 lb bag of mandarin oranges, ‘California Clementines’.

I eat one right away – still 100% good, and very tasty. Why are they in the trash??


– A handy household item i do not have: a dust pan w/ matching hand broom.


I can see why someone tossed it out – the broom snaps onto the dustpan – check out the two white circles – but it becomes locked really tight, i had a hard time separating the two – now that they are separate? i ain’t snappin’ them back together.

This is another topic entirely – how much does bad design/manufacturing have to do with waste/what people toss out? Probably alot, alot more than we would like to know about.

Two ‘patties’ of some sort in a carry out container – a quick taste test?, they seem to be plantains, a kind of banana.

One of the interesting things about digging stuff outta the trash is that… you get to try some things you otherwise would not.

And one nice thing about a microwave? it makes things ‘soft’ and mushy, which sometimes ain’t so good, but sometimes it works fine.

I’ll betcha these patties will come out of the microwave a lot softer than the the ‘shoe leather’ they are now. 🙂


I find a container of mozzarella made by this place:



“Fresh, light and pillowy soft – hand crafted, 8 oz balls, packed in a water bath. Mozzarella is gluten-free and made with microbial (vegetarian) rennet
Tasting Note: Sweet milky flavor with a light and luscious texture”

I know why it got tossed out: it is the blandest cheese i have ever tasted, bar none.

Milk has more taste, cottage cheese has more taste. The (generic) mozzarella at Safeway has more taste.

This cheese may be very ‘artisinal and green’ but it’s totally dull. Totally!

So maybe one reason for food waste is… *really dull boring* food?

I will use it on a bit of french bread, toasted lightly, for lunch, but it have some garlic/mustard spread, and sun roasted tomatoes underneath.

That’s the only way to save this from being totally dull.

(BTW, i have more condiments than i have room for thanks to my neighbors… my cup runneth over.)


A jar of pickled ginger slices,  2 jars of peanut satay sauce thai style, several 1 person servings of instant oatmeal, several energy bars (pumpkin seeds & maple!), and not one but two cans of hot cocoa mix (just add milk).

There was other stuff, but i either couldn’t use it (a bag of flour) or couldn’t reach it – i only dive so deep, just skim the surface.


Someone’s moving….

(All in one bag, as usual)

a 1lb bag of both broccoli florets, strawberies and blueberries, frozen. I grew up in Maine, blueberries are a good buddy of mine. 🙂 I looked up some blueberry jam recipes… i think all i need is some pectin. WTF is pectin? Maybe just adding brown sugar will be enough?


2 cans of cranberry concentrate for juice.

1 whole zucchini squash. I LOVE zucchini!! Thank you, neighbors!

And a zip-loc bag full of tater tots. Did i say i grew up in Maine? Well, I never met a potato i didn’t like too. Never. Ever.  Fried (Pass the ketchup please),  Baked, Mashed,(lots of butter and black pepper) – it’s all good!


Once again, all in 1 bag:

1/2 1lb bag of green grapes

1/2 a 2lb jar of picante salsa

1 strawberry yogurt, 1 serving

a 1lb pack of burrito wraps

(turns out they are falling apart, no good)

1lb jar of ‘tomato sauce for pizza’

coffee mate, 1/2 a 1pt. bottle

black forest ham, 1/2 of a 1lb pack

3 slices cheddar cheese – sharp!

several kinds of cream cheese, 5 oz tub, one w/ roasted pecans and honey, the other w/ …jalapeno peppers?

WTF? I am ‘east coast’, i can understand the pecans and honey, the jalapeno is just too california for me, but i’ll give it a try anyway. Nope, i tossed out the jalapeno cream cheese – a bad idea, in my book. Cream cheese is excellent, don’t fuck w/ it too much.

Chipolte pesto, a 7 oz container!

1 hot dog

shredded parmesan cheese, 1/2 a 7 oz container.

soy chorizo – 1/2 of a 1 lb package.

I have tried a few soy based meat substitutes, like ‘tofurkey’? – they all suck.

This chorizo actually ain’t half bad, but i will mix it in with some of the real thing.

I went over to the Safeway just before this and spent 14$, i saved another 14$+(easily! you do the math) from the dumpster.

The tomato sauce, salsa, chipotle pesto are way more than i can eat anytime soon – but i’ve saved many small plastic containers, they come in handy for freezing soups, one portion at a time, and the same goes for anything else. I got salsa that will last me for some time 🙂



A number of things in one bag:

Half a dozen cheese mini portions – you know the silver dollar size, but thicker, individually wrapped.

Salami slices

barbecue style cooked chicken wings

all un-bagged and loose.. but hey what’s wrong with that?

I give many things a salt water bath to clean ’em up, do the same to all this.

Hey, i am an amateur! you gotta check this guy out!!


2/7 Sat.

a 3oz bag of ruffles chips – cheddar & sour cream, mostly full.

2 bunches of green onions, a few needed some trimming but that’s pretty easy.. though it is more effort than tossing them out.

a 16oz container of tomato bisque soup – not even opened, date 3-23-15.

And one perfectly good garlic bulb.

I love to steam some of the cloves in the microwave with some butter and salt and pepper til they’re soft and tender, and eat ’em just like that.



Sometimes you find something that ain’t edible, but is most nutitrious in another sense of the word.

That is to say ‘feeding your head, your mind’.

A while ago i found a paperback copy of Darwin’s – ‘Origin of the species’ – now that’s some serious reading!

And recently i came upon this book:


‘Pocket atlas of 50 remote islands… i have not visited and never will.’

What  great title! I won’t go to any of these places either, but it’s nice reading.

The text on the left hand page gives this information:

The longitude and latitude coordinates, and larger location (in this case the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Okhotsk), The island’s names in whatever language of the nearest country was, distances from nearest places, and at the bottom, a graph of human occupation.


For the Atlasov island? Early 1950’s a women’s penal colony was set up.

It is now uninhabited. Which makes me wonder… why?

No female criminals in Russia?

Highly unlikely, no offense to any Russian women reading.

[[A movie worth watching comes to mind: ‘Papillon’ – Steve McQueen’s character gets sent to a penal colony in… i think British Guyana(sic?), an island in the Caribbean.]]

The next page gives a brief description and history.

The book/page design is a very, very nice & very smart piece of work.

Here’s some other good reading:








As the Terminator said most famously:

“Ah’ll be back”



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