Late November/December was a good month!

Posted Jan 4, 2015


The whole trash situation at my apt. complex is out of control.

Someone bought some furniture, shipped in *huge* cardboard boxes, they just dumped it onto the recycling cans, which is good, they are trying to recycle ( it would have helped if they had broken it up, and made some attempt to put it in the cans)… but they blocked the way to the dumpsters – dumb move.

No one is making the effort to walk around these obstacles to put their trash in the dumpsters (it has actually become impossible), so many bags are just left on the floor.

What is it i have written before about how wasteful and thoughtless our culture is?

Well.. it is.

I rummage thru just a few bags – half an onion, a few taco shells, and… (ta-da!)most of a 3 lb container of cottage cheese – dated? Dec 2014.

WTF?? this is still perfectly good, us seniors need calcium to keep our brittle bones in shape, so.. “sold! I’ll take it!”. The price is right, too.

Todays lunch? Chicken soup, made from leftovers (other peoples)… a slice or two of liverwurst (found a few days ago) and some onion slices, sauteed lightly, and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese.

In a couple of years (65 YO), i will be able to check into social security, but it’s nice to see that my neighbors are already footing my food bill. (“It’s only rock and roll’..) *but i like it, like it, yes i do*!

Also, some ‘products’ that aren’t much of anything – they are concoctions w/ no value. But they are sold for a hundred times the ingredients value, here’s an example:

I found a packet of McCormicks ‘Arroz a la mexicana’ – a mexican rice seasoning.

What’s in it?

Corn maltodextrin, salt, onion chicken fat,  brown sugar, chicken broth, ‘natural flavor’ (whatever that is!), yeast extract,  garlic spices (including celery) chicken meat and  extracts of paprika.

WTF is maltodextrin?? This is the long answer:

The short answer is… this is junk, don’t eat it.

Eat some corn off the cobb instead. You’ll be glad you did.


All in one bag:

•a 1Kg box of Pumpkin flax granola, 2/3 full.

This is really good stuff – rolled oats, cane sugar, soy oil, brown rice flour, pumpkin seeds ( of course!), flax seeds, oat syrup solids, sea salt, molasses, cinnamon.

Totally vegan, USDA approved organic. Yum-yum!

• Butter topped white bread – 1/3 of a loaf.

• Buttermilk ranch dressing, most of a 16 fl.oz bottle

•La Victoria Salsa – a 12 oz bottle, pretty much full. it is mild, i really like to go a step further, go for ‘medium’, but hey, I’ll take it. And add a few drops of green jalapeno sauce to amp it up bit.

• Pasta sauce – a big bottle, Portobello mushroom.

• And a 1/3 full jar of 4 bean salad. I need say no more, this is a good one!

And it is still only friday – how much thanksgiving stuff will land tomorrow??

We’ll see……

Thanksgiving wasn’t the haul i thought it might be – perhaps turkey and stuffing are just too good to toss out. I would agree.

12/06 – All in one bag, from one wasteful household –

That seems to be a theme here, ‘one wasteful household”:


3/4 lb of grass fed beef, dated 11/29. not even opened, still looks red and fresh to me.

so why toss it out? The sell by date? 11/29??? Stupid!!!!!!


2 sweet potatoes

2 whole onions

1 white pumpkin

( there are plenty of things you can do w/ a yellow pumpkin, i’ll bet it’s the same for a white one.)

The white pumpkin? will take a bit of research…

Ahh! here it is:

You can eat the seeds, and the pumpkin itself.

A BIG bag of brussels sprouts.

(Why is it that i see carrots and brussels sprouts tossed out so often? They’re both really good!)

Some Orville Redenbacher popcorn.

I’ll dig into that right away. 🙂


A half gallon of ‘Simply Orange ( with Banana) Juice. Best BY oct 26. Unopened. Pasteurized.

Still cold to the touch, recently tossed out.


Did a dumpster diver’s ‘stone soup’ – which is to say ‘what’s in my refrigerator/ on my shelves’?

Here’s what:

Beef buillion cube


Red Bell pepper


Bread crumbs, wheat flour, for a creamy/smooth broth.

Sweet potato slices, cubed.

Ground beef – 1/2 lb.

All of the above came out of the dumpster, other people deemed it all ‘trash’.

Since i am an apt. dweller, and can’t BBQ anything, i like this seasoning:

‘Kinder’s California BBQ Brown sugar rub”

which is: Brown sugar, spices (like..uh.. which ones?), salt, cane sugar, turbinado sugar,  orange peel,  dried onion,  dried garlic,  yeast extract, natural smoke flavor (what the hell is that?), oil of orange, spice extracts, extract of paprika.

You can see how labeling ingredients can get a bit… ‘creative’, yes?

More – 12/7

Yaki soba sauce

Oyster sauce

Ceasar salad dressing

Coffee mate – ‘natural bliss’ WTF is that??

Pork Sung ?

Lloyds pulled Pork BBQ (1/4 full)

Kim Chi

An apple & some yellow cake, 3 slices, with icing and some strawberries on top.


A 46 fl.oz (that’s 1.5 qts approx.) bottle of V-8 juice, unopened, dated Jan 30 2015.

Yummy! I like the stuff, taking a few big swigs is a great way to start the day, even before coffee.

Why would anyone toss this out?? ‘Inquiring minds want to know’.



A big (10″ tall) container of Chipolte rice, black beans, and chicken.

A quick taste test of the chicken reveals why it got tossed out – it’s just too fucking hot. That’s all there is to it. I have graduated from my east coast sensibilities, i can now do ‘medium’ and then some… but *extra hot*? ’til you smother any of the taste in the food?? This is ridiculous!

Also: 2 slices of pizza w/ all the fixings. I have a test for pizza – if the crust is still pliable, & soft, it’s OK. If it’s like cardboard, leave it where it is = the dumpster.


The last week hasn’t been very profitable.But coming out of the safeway today i notice a big bunch of greens in the trash, right at the front door.

Beet greens – someone cut off the beets, and tossed the greens, close to half the weight of their purchase.

So what does wikipedia have to say about beet greens?

“The green, leafy portion of the beet is also edible. It is most commonly served boiled or steamed, in which case it has a taste and texture similar to spinach.”

What does have to say about beet greens?

“Please don’t throw away those fresh beet greens when cooking fresh beets.

Cook the beet greens and enjoy a delicious and nutritious dish just like your grandparents grew up with.

(yes, your grandparents came from a ‘waste not want not’ generation. And they probably lived longer than you will, eating carry-out junk )

Beet greens contain a large amount of vitamins A and K, plus anti-oxidants Beta Carotene and Lutein. Beet greens can be substituted in any recipe that calls for spinach.”

I like spinach, it goes good w/ pasta, and you wouldn’t believe how much pasta i have saved from a landfill.

It all sounds good to me.


A *big* heavy duty aluminum tub (6x8x2deep”) w/ various left overs- a shit-load of garlic cloves, some clams and shrimp, already cooked, but not peeled, clams still in shells. (is someone too lazy to take these the last step, and clean the shrimp, and pull the clams outta their shells?? totally lazy!)

Some bread rolls, mashed potatoes. and some BBQ beef.

All passes the smell test.

So that’s it for this month… so far…

If you only read two ‘newspapers’ (and now they are not just paper, but online)

here’s my strongest suggestions:

LA Times reporter and photographer find that thousands of laborers at Mexico’s mega-farms ensure harsh conditions and exploitation while supplying produce for American consumers. 1st of 4 stories:

I’d say ‘buy american’ but the conditions for California’s farm workers aren’t much better.

I’ve driven thru the Central Valley many times, and i gotta tell ya, the towns in the place are all shitholes. No one is making a dime, they aren’t quite living in squalor, but not far off.

We eat cheap food off the backs of very hardworking people, who get jack shit for their labor.


As if american consumer culture wasn’t pavlovian enough already….

‘Our E-Waste Problem Is Ridiculous, and Gadget Makers Aren’t Helping’

By Christina Bonnington 12/8/2014


Safari didn’t like this page, Firefox worked much better.

An interesting site, worth a book mark.


Tune in again, i am sure there will be mo’. 🙂


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