A pretty good month for me!



5/27 A perfectly good hoodie – XL. This is perfect for those summer days when I go to Marin Headlands looking for good fog images – that Pacific coast fog can be reeeally cold! And two boxes of easy to make breakfast cereal.

Summer’s here, and i won’t use ’em now, but if we get the El Nino winter that’s being predicted (which means BIG time rain) they’ll be a good breakfast.

Oh, also, not pictured, a good kitchen towel – i can now toss out one that’s very threadbare.

Next day, a half finished bag of frozen hash browns, a full bag of frozen mixed berries, and a half finished bag of Mango chunks.



A bag of Tostitos corn chips, w/ ‘a hint of lime’. it’s more than a hint of lime, maybe that’s why it got tossed. I like the ‘more than a hint of lime’, I’ll take it.

A bag of carrots, some sliced turkey, some cherry tomatoes, and a big bag of fully cooked seasoned chicken fajita strips. ALL this stuff is perfectly good, i can’t see why anyone would throw it out.

Totally fucking stupid!
All this makes me feel old, in an odd way.

I was raised by parents who grew up thru the depression years, and didn’t waste a thing. My Dad made a grocery shopping list on the back of a used #10 envelope. The front was used for address and return address, but the back?.. still perfectly useable, that’s how those people thought – waste not, want not.

In an apt building w/ 100+/- units someone is always moving out. Sooo… here we go again!

Lots of kitchen things – frying pans, pots, strainers, big spoons. I got all that, so i leave them be. Why doesn’t someone take them to Goodwill, just 2 blocks away?

As for food, a big bag:

All frozen: chicken legs, raspberries, 2 cheeses, and a a loaf of bread, all still perfectly good, the cheeses haven’t even been opened. And why someone took the time and effort to repackage the berries & chicken in ziploc bags… only to throw it all out? .. makes no sense to me. None at all.

Another thing I keep seeing is stuff that is recyclable – the recycling cans are on the way to the trash dumpster, you walk right past them – Why is so much paper and so many glass and plastic bottles ending up in the trash?

I guess people just don’t care, there’s no other reason, is there?

Later the same day:

Mayonnaise, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, salsa con queso, 4 eggs, 4 small cans of pineapple juice, 5 bottles of Cerveza Pacifico Clara beer, a half finished bag of cheddar jack cheese, and two tomatoes that are 1/3 rotten. But 2/3rds just fine, I got some good knives, and i can fix this without hurting myself. What’s wrong w/ whoever tossed these out?

We are a wasteful, thoughtless, thankless culture, too may of us glued to our digital devices that spew ‘much sound and fury, signifying nothing’. (That last phrase is Shakespeare, hundreds of years old, if you didn’t know it.)

We will get our comeuppance, i hope it doesn’t happen ’til after i die, it’s gonna be ugly, for sure.

6/3 – Some salsa fresca, some red pepper hummus, a half finished 24 Oz container of Santa Fe style chicken enchilada soup. Everything passes the smell test.

A good magazine article: “Spoiler Alert”

Fresher food labels

Eleanor Smith

MAY 21 2014, 8:07 PM ET


One thing that occurs to me is that as labels like this get smarter, we will believe them more. And the labels just not be that smart. And might make us toss stuff that isn’t ready to be tossed.



Theodore P. Labuza and Dana Gunders | December 2013, Volume 67, No.12

Here’s an excerpt:

“Misinterpretation of the date labels on foods is a key factor leading to this waste. A recent study, “The Dating Game: How Confusing Food Date Labels Lead to Food Waste in America,” released by Harvard Law School and the Natural Resources Defense Council provides a legal analysis of food date label laws across the U.S. and illustrates pervasive confusion among industry and consumers, ultimately leading to significant amounts of food going to waste.


A few more good links/info/discussion:


A long read, but well worth it:





A quick excerpt from this article:

“We’ve trained the American consumer to demand perfection,” Greg Donaldson, who farms and operates the retail farm market at Donaldson Farms, said on the program. Customers, he said, simply won’t buy blemished produce.



6/7 Saturday

There is some furniture left out in front of the dumpster. That’s my cue, someone is moving.

Indeed, indeed… and tossing out who knows what in their wake.

Many oranges and tangelos, 5 potatoes, potato salad, pico de gallo, small jars of pickled ginger, anchovies and yet another hot ‘taco’ sauce’. Chocolate pudding, whipped cream(the kind that comes in s ‘spray’ can), a half sandwich w/ salami, etc. A small jar of pepperoncini (sweet peppers). A ready made/ microwaveable bowl of rice, black beans and steak, some ravioli, still frozen, an avocado and a red pepper, and a nice hunk of salmon. Looks like some of the salmon might be not OK, but… the glass is half full, not half empty, ya know?

I am sure i forgot a few things, but suffice it to say, the take was… very nice.

Thanks to ‘whomever’ for feeding me.

If you think the ‘40% of food is thrown out’ figure is off? I gotta tell ya, it is not. No way, no how.

Last week, all my lunch came from ‘hand me downs’.

6/12 – Anchovies in olive oil only 2 oz, but definitely 2 oz of deliciousness!

A most interesting item – a japanese rice seasoning  ‘seto fumi furikake’ – w/ shaved bonito ( small relative of the tuna) and seaweed. A shook a bit into my palm to check it out, and it is quite interesting.

4 sans of soup, 2 are campbells: chicken noodle and tomato ( not very exciting) but the three others are Progresso ‘hearty’ – Clam chowder, Veg. Minestrone, both 18 oz.

6/18 – A number of bags of frozen stuff – veggies & fruit. All perfectly good, still cold to the touch.


Also 3 Russet potatoes – I’m from Maine, never met a potato I didn’t like.

I gotta look into the psychology of why people toss out what they toss out.

It’s just mind boggeling. If this is an indicator of our (=american) mindset, it’s no wonder we pay little interest in conserving water (here in Ca., in a drought) or in doing anything that will affect climate change (debatately human induced).

I’ll bet that what i will find out is that the bottom line is… we just don’t give a shit, we live in the here and now, and that’s all that matters.

Copy and paste these URL’s into your browser:




Food Waste Is Overwhelming. Here Are Five Things People Are Doing About It

by April Fulton

August 22, 2012 5:24 PM ET


6/21 – First off, i made a big *bad* old soup, w/ all the ingredients I’d gathered before, all for free.

Potatoes, chicken, carrots, some the onion and pepper frozen stuff, some lima beans, a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup was the ‘base’ for this.

A couple of apples. One of them is a bit rotted… but this illustrates perfectly how stupid our wastefulness is.


Some of the apple is rotten – does that mean it’s all bad? I think not. Unless you are *incredibly* clumsy, you can cut off the rotten part, and still have 3/4 of an apple, which is much better than no apple at all.


The doctor is still a way off.

Next, two loafs of bread, the country white is past the best by date, the Nut & Grain, just a few days past the best by date – both still perfectly good. Now all i need is some sliced meat and cheese, lunch for the week is taken care of.

Finally, a couple of 12 oz containers of salsa and something called ‘guacamole flavored’ dip.


Which brings up another topic entirely – ‘pseudo products’ – stuff that sorta seems like the real thing, but ain’t.

Let’s read the contents on the label of this ‘guacamole flavored’ dip :

(contents are always listed in order of concentration, from most to least)

Skim milk, soybean oil, tomatoes, water, coconut oil, contains less than 2% of avocado, whole egg, etc etc etc.

“contains less than 2% of avocado”

Hope you didn’t miss that part, it’s the most important part – a guacamole dip that has less than 2% avocado!?  WTF is that? What a fucking joke.

When i make guacamole, it is 95% avocado! ( ab-so-fucking-lutely!), the other 5% is salsa, onions and other spices. It’s the real deal.

And i am a gringo.

I am sure the waste will continue, and I’ll be back again in a month or so.



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