WordPress has changed their code! This is my last post

I’ve been using WordPress cloud software for years, but recently they have changed their code to the point where i can’t use it at all.
I am on an old Mac Mini – 10.4 OS, Safari 4.1.3, Firefox 3.6….something.
(Did i hear someone say ‘dinosaur’? They lived for millions of years, way longer than humans have, so maybe that’s not such a good comparison.)

Everything works just fine.. except for these blogs.
I am pissed, i can’t do anything w/ WP blogs now. I am stealing a few minutes at work on a newer computer and browser to post this, i don’t want to do this blog from stolen minutes on the job, i want to do it at a leisurely pace at home, and be able to add images.

Thanks to those who enjoyed the blog, i appreciate the ‘likes’ it has gotten.

I will certainly keep on helping myself to whatever my neighbors (120+ apts.) deem ‘trash’.

BTW i think the constant ‘progress’ that makes my ol’ Mac a candidate for e-waste is..well… sad.

As if the american consumer isn’t Pavlovian enough, the constant change in software and hardware takes Pavlov to a whole new level. Too many of us just have to have that latest iPhone. Our consumption is slowly killing us, choking us on waste and the pollution it generates.

So don’t toss that last slice of pizza out at the end of the evening. It’s good for breakfast too.